Continuous Learning

The Middleburg Community Charter School has adopted a Modified School Year Calendar (MSYC).  A MSYC reorganizes the school year to provide more continuous learning by dividing the long summer vacation into shorter, more frequent breaks. It does not eliminate the summer vacation, but merely reduces it.

Why a Modified School Year Calendar?

  • The MSYC reduces summer learning loss and provides more continuous learning opportunities for students.
  • The traditional calendar is reorganized to divide the long summer into shorter, more frequent breaks throughout the year.
  • Students on a MSYC attend the same classes and receive the same amount of instruction as students on the traditional calendar.
  • School typically begins in early August and ends in late June.
  • Intersessions are held during the breaks (October and March), which provide optional learning opportunities for all students.
  • Intersessions build on and enhance concepts learned throughout the year.

 Link to current MCCS calendar: