School Mission Team

The School Mission Team is responsible for the management of the school and for ensuring that the school is compliant with the requirements of the MCCS charter. The team decides what initiatives, policies, and relationships that MCCS will invest in, to allow the school to progress towards the vision. The MCCS Charter Agreement states that The School Mission Team shall be composed of the following:


  • Parents of students enrolled in the school;
  • Teachers working in the school;
  • Administrators working in the school; and,
  • Representatives of the community.


School Mission Team Members

  • Karah Morgan, Teacher Grade 2-3
  • David Larson, Principal
  • Robert Liscouski, MCCS Board of Directors Chair
  • Taryn Browning, Teacher Grade 2-3
  • Katie Brennen, Teacher Grade 4-5
  • MacKenzie Escobar, Teacher 1-2
  • Craig Mueller, Community Volunteer
  • Denise Kopecky, PTO President
  • A.J. Pannebianco, Middleburg Police Chief
  • Suzanne Liscouski, Parent Volunteer
  • Kevin Hazard, Community Volunteer